Thursday, March 6, 2014

Small Change and Fun Experiments

 A few years ago several small changes were made in our home, after some routine tests showed my cholesterol out of balance and a vitamin D deficiency.  We swapped our vegetable oil for olive oil and added avocados as a regular addition to sandwiches, tacos and smoothies.  I also added a vitamin d supplement to my smoothies.    And the next year, all my tests came back great.

And, I am happy to say that most of my family now adds a little vitamin D to their water or smoothies too!

After the first of this year, I was concerned about the busy semester ahead and decided to do a few more small things to help us eat out less on the busy days, and to make better snacking choices.  To help lessen waste and to encourage all of us to eat more veggies, we have started to cut, chop or slice them and put them in small containers that are easy to grab.

This is working pretty well, as long as we don't get a weekend where we are out, and our beautiful ready to eat veggies get all, well gross.

Okay, the the fun experiment.  Recently I saw a magazine article about regrowing veggies.  I tore the article out of the magazine and placed it on my desk, on the always present pile of ideas and to do lists.

Then one day, a little while later, I brought home a celery bunch.   Mae got out a knife and chopped the end of the celery right off before the groceries were even put away!  She set the experiment all up, along with some carrot stubs in another bowl.  The carrots are not doing anything besides getting slimy, but the celery...

Can I just tell you, Mae and I are a little silly excited about those new celery stalks?  Hopefully, everyone in the family will be excited to eat celery sticks from this bunch!

Tell me, have you ever regrown celery or any other vegetable?

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