Thursday, February 13, 2014

Made On Skin Care Giveaway


Our family learned of  Hard Lotion a few years ago from Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers.  This product has very few ingredients, is simple to use and to even make in your own kitchen.  All of the ladies in our home have dry skin, some just the simple dry skin of winter in a dry climate, others mild to severe excema.  Bee Silk Hard Lotion is soothing and healing in each case.  Some of us do not like the basic scent of the product, which is why we purchased the supplies to make it ourselves.  We prefer it with lavender.

Today I saw on facebook that....

Hard Lotion is giving away 5, yes 5, BeeSilk Gift Packs on Valentines.  Go here to enter.

If you are not familiar with Hard Lotion, this is a great way to learn about and try it out.  If you already know how wonderful this product is, this is a great way to add to or replenish your supply.

I hope you win :)

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