Monday, February 10, 2014

Goals for February 11-15

Seeking balance between margin and productivity has been more like a pendulum swing.  So I've taken the outline of Money Saving Mom's weekly goal list and made a list of my own, putting into the list a couple of refreshing "love to do" activities.

Home Environment
Read 5 chapters of Love Does aloud. Read a picture book each day with my granddaughter.
Write a love note to Ben.
Clean the dresser top in our bedroom.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our daughters (day full of good food, fun movie in the evening)

Personal Growth
Finish memorizing Romans 12:1, 2, continue working on Ephesians 6:1-8
Walk 3 miles this week.  Start back up on crunches & pushups
Finish reading Undaunted, Say GoodBye to Survival Mode and Alone, Yet Not Alone.
Work on fingerless gloves

Ministry Goals

Prepare and test Perfectly Unique lesson plans
Take 5 photographs & edit them
Email 2 encouraging messages, write & mail 3 cards of encouragement or gratitude

Household Business
Finish Gathering Tax Paperwork
Submit receipts to Health Savings Account
Find a replacement for my current INR testing site
Find & Download the driver for our printer to the new laptop

This is just a test, to see if posting my goals where I can see them, but not having the spiral notebook in my purse or on my desk all the time, helps me to keep an atmosphere of "balance".

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