Monday, February 17, 2014

Canvessing and Tagging

In the dark they break into houses, which they marked for themselves in the daytime.  They do not know the light.  Job 23:16

This verse jumped out to me one day and reminded me of an incident that recently happened, involving a young woman in our community.

The young woman had been shopping with her child in a local store when a tall man approached her.  As the story goes, the man complimented her and asked her if she was interested in buying .magazines.  He apparently showed a flyer and some "receipts" from other customers.  The young woman shared her name and address, and as the man wrote the info down, something prompted her to give a wrong phone number.

After the man wrote the info down, he offered the young woman a sticker to put on her front door, to alert other sales people.

As the young woman told me this story I was very alarmed and could hardly let her finish.  This sounded like canvassing and tagging!

The young woman quickly told me that she had a warning go off in her mind and she started backing away and getting out of the conversation as soon as possible.  She approached an employee of the store and asked if there were people selling magazines in the store.  Of course the employee said NO and took a description.

Very soon after hearing this story,  I sat my own daughters down and reminded them of the early childhood teaching, "don't take candy from strangers."  We spent a good deal time talking about information and how we can be friendly, personable, without letting a person past the most outer layer of who we are.  No one gets their last name, address, phone number unless they are welcomed into an inner circle of community.

I also reminded them that we do not take solicitations.  If we want something, we seek it out and get it.  Honestly, I do not take any offers at the front door, outside stores, or from any other sales person unless I initiated the contact.

PLEASE share this story.  I am not making it up, I sat face to face with the young woman as she told me the story within 48 hours of it happening. 

This was an alarming incident, and I am so glad the young woman shared it with me.

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