Monday, January 20, 2014

Simple Woman's Day Book ~ January 20

Outside my window…now, blue sky, but earlier, beautiful puffy pink clouds splayed across the sky above the mountains.

I am pondering... these words "But failure is a handy proxy. It’s a side effect. If you’re trying new things, and those new things are outside of your comfort zone, you’ll end up failing at some of them.  When you fail, you can learn. And when you don’t fail, by definition: you’ve succeeded! At that thing! That was kind of big and unknown and a bit scary!"  Read the whole blog post here

I am thankful… for straight forward preaching our pastor shared this weekend.  He put words to thoughts I had been trying to share with my daughters recently.

In the kitchen… we have more broth cooling.  I am enjoying in this new addition to our weekend routines, cooking several chickens (this weekend actually the 13 pound turkey I pulled from the freezer), freezing the meat and brewing broth.  

I am praying…for a family in our congregation, their little one was born at 32 weeks due to "mom's" preclampsia

I am reading… Torches of Joy by John Dekker, Perfectly Unique by Annie Downs, "if" by Amy Carmichael

I am hoping… that God opens the door for our family to be reunited, Builder's work has had him travelling for about 7 years.  We are longing to be together under one roof.

I am looking forward to… the arrival of our new exchange student, next weekend

I am creating...  Scripture Memory Books 

I am learning… to perfect "cheesecake"  The annual fundraiser for our youth group is "Souper Sunday"  The men make soup to sell by the bowl and the women make cakes & pies to auction off.  It is loads of fun and this year I want to contribute a gluten free lemon cheesecake.  I just need to learn how to get it out of the pan more smotthly.

Around the house… new family pictures and some family art have been hung

A quote for today… being "pro-life," it's not just about a political issue. It's a world's a life-view. It's a way of looking at each human life that transcends culture, class, race, age and opinion.

A few plans for the rest of the week… a normal school week with  few evening activities.  One of my kiddos starts back to college classes this week so we have a little schedule change to adjust to.

A picture thought...  
Northern Flicker, Chetwynd BC, 2010

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