Monday, January 6, 2014

Just Write {001}

The first full week of 2014 has begun and with it goals and hopes and relief even, that 2013, the year of FULL, HARD and GOOD has passed.

My goal setting is completed and I am pretty excited about the simple and specific goals for this year.  Writing is high on my list of goals so tonight I decided, to just write.

As is becoming a tradition, my Beloved was home for the week of Christmas, and we ladies headed to my Dad's place to spend New Year's week with my Dad, my Sister and her family.  Sweet times of refreshment and also growing insight & gratitude.

Learning how to use my new camera ~ lighting & buttons...

The way the calendar falls this time around, I had penciled in a school start day for TODAY but this morning, to sighs of relief all around, the decision was made to start back on Thursday.  That gives me a couple days of prep time and putting the house back in order from all the holiday hoopla, crashed computer, curriculum tweaking & travel messes.  Not really messes, but the suitcases go behind the tubs of Christmas decorations.  We pulled out the suitcases as we put away the Christmas tubs. Now the tubs will have to be pulled out to put the suitcases away.  No one was feeling that ambitious today! 

The magic box that will take my 11 month, 26 day old Dell Computer to the hospital is due any day and Miss Sunshine has taught me about External Hard Drives.  What an amazing little tool this black box of terabytes is!  Thankfully we haven't lost any thing, although my goals were sketched out in a spiral notebook last week because I was very afraid of loosing everything.  BUT the Terabyte holder?  Wow.  I've figured out how to have iTunes on only 1 computer and have any computer available to the kids without thinking about which one has my files.

What a ramble post this is, but maybe letting these words splash the page will allow for some deeper thoughts to settle in and develop.

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