Monday, January 27, 2014

Daybook, January 27


Outside my window…Sunshine making it's way through the grey sky, a dusting of snow that is quickly melting.  A little earlier, 2 squirrels enjoying a feast from our compost.

I am thinking…how very brave our young exchange student is, to travel so far from home at such a fresh young age.

I am thankful…cozy sweaters and warm tea on this very chilly day.

In the kitchen…more broth making is happening, chicken soup for dinner, maybe another loaf of banana bread for an after school snack

I am creating…another Scripture memory book, a pretty gratitude journal to replace the look of the composition notebook.

I am mixing together... Non toxic All Purpose Cleaner, well actually, Chica mixed it together.

I am going…to be dropping off and picking up a student everyday for the next 10 days.  That is something I haven't done since our 25 yo was a junior in high school.

I am wondering…how it will work out for this precious 12 year old exchange student.

I am reading…Perfectly Unique by Annie Downs, The Giver by Lois Lowry and What to Wear To the War by Warren W Wiersbe.  A post with my thoughts after reading Torches of Joy was written this weekend.

I am hoping…that Builder's next job brings him home, but where ever work takes him we want to be under the same roof again.

I am looking forward to…these next 10 days with Sophie, getting to know her, giving her a comfortable place to learn, process and grow

Around the house…the signs of life, but also a little less clutter as we continue to pull out those things we no longer use, need, nor love.

A quote for today… "this is one thing I can give–myself. I cannot fix the past. I cannot take away the pain. But I can make the present a little easier."     emily t. wierenga.

A few plans for the rest of the week…a fairly normal rhythm but with the addition of the twice daily run to the nearby middle school.  Eye exams, someone may be getting contacts!  and someone else may be getting stronger bifocals.  Saturday one of my kiddos is participating in a Bible Quiz event, then we hope to head to the mountains with Sophie.

A picture to share....

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