Tuesday, November 26, 2013

As Silver Refined by Kay Arthur

It's a quiet Saturday here at By Quiet Waters and I'm enjoying having a stuffed turkey in the oven, kids quietly puttering and the opportunity to clear off some of my to-dos.  As I was doing some online decluttering I found a review that I neglected to post.

As Silver Refined (Answers to Life's Disappointments) by Kay Arthur

Maybe the reason this post was "shelved" for a while is because I struggled greatly to get through this book.  Not at all becuase it is poorly written or irrelevant.  But because when life is busy or I am deeply focused on a particular thing other things just do not "stick".

The analogy to the refiner's work on silver is a beautiful one and I do hope to approach this book again in the future, to soak up the word pictures and spend time reflecting on the Refiner, His fire and the outcome of the Refiner's Fire.

This book was sent to me by Blogging for Books (WaterBrook Press, Multnomah Books and Shaw Books) in exchange for my thoughts and opinions.

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