Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ragged Hope, Cynthia Ruchti

"Where do we find hope when it's clouded by the ashes of other people's choices? 

What do you do when your life is affected by someone else's choices? Where is God when you are doing everything right yet, because of someone else, everything is wrong? This insightful and hope-giving guide will comfort, support, and encourage you through whatever situation you must face. 

While each story in this book offers hope and has inspiring points, it is a difficult book to read.  More than likely, each one of us has our own story of survival in the midst of other peoples choices and consequences that storm our lives.  But, pushing past the shock and the tactics of survival, we have a choice to make.  Choosing to live in the midst of the fallout from other people's choices is possible by refusing bitterness, by looking up.  Because, "the fallout of other people's destructive choices becomes more toxic, more suffocating, when our response is equally caustic.  We don't climb out of an ash heap by piling more ash." 

Each chapter of this book highlights a lifegiving response to the trauma created by the actions of others.  A few questions follow each chapter, which I found helpful as I think how I can be a better friend to others going through particular tough times.  And loud and clear is a reminder of the importance of not allowing any bitterness to take root.  More than "hope in the midst of trial" reading, I recommend this book as a tool to glean from for ministering others.

Thank you Litfuse Publicity, for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my opinion.

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  1. Thank you for these insights. I landed on your quote from the book--"We don't climb out of an ash heap by piling more ash."--and was struck anew with the poignancy of that truth and how it applies to so many arenas of life. Thank you for taking the time to read and evaluate Ragged Hope.


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