Monday, July 1, 2013

pursuing better

every flood of trouble remakes the landscape of your souls – making you better or bitter.

every trouble is like a flood and you can either rise up on it or sink down in it

And here is where I've found that the practice of giving thanks, day after day, month after month, year after year for 4+ years, is laying down the rails.  By practicing gratitude and recording the gifts my eyes are focused on looking for God's presence in the flood, even in the fire.
I've mentioned before that I come from a long line of bitter women.  My mother once warned me years ago to not let bitterness take root.  For several years I prayed for relief from the bitterness that soured my eyes. 
Giving thanks has been the antidote. 
Anytime that sour taste rises in my throat and my eyes squint, I hear the question, where is grace in this?  And the hunt begins.
A smattering of gifts found in the time of June fire and smoke;
Frozen yogurt & daughters to share with
 A long walk through the neighborhood, with flower blooming all around
 Smoke free days after so many fires sent the smoke all over the Colorado front range
Books selling, successful garage sale adding to the mission fund
Popsicles and funny girls
Rain in the middle of the night, pattering on the sky light
Smoke clearing for the night of the Great American Backyard Campout
Cloud art around the moon as I lay in the top coverless tent

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