Saturday, June 29, 2013

Speak Life

The message in Thursday's short post was in my email box earlier this week.  A sweet woman who has stepped in as a Godly mentor and encourager sends me messages like this from time to time.  I'm not sure she understands how lifegiving her words are to me.
My own mother has disappeared into the depths of early onset Alzheimer's.  And even before that happened, there was very little "mother to daughter" torch passing.  God brought my mom a long way from the person she was, having grown up in the home that she did.  And she spoke life in the ways that she knew. 

In this season where my mom is close by in a care facility, and we have 3 teen and preteen daughters at home AND our older daughter her daughter live with us, I often feel just swamped.  Linda speaks into this wonderful, hard, good, full crazy life of mine, in simple quiet ways, never asking for a response or reply. 

Each time Linda speaks into my life, a balm is applied.  She didn't wait to be asked, she hasn't asked if it is "okay", she just speaks.

Thank God for this precious older woman.  Linda, since I know that you read this blog from time to time, Thank You.


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  1. I love that you have this sweet woman in your life! What a gift. I had someone like this just after Eliana was born. She was such an encouragement to me and just was there even if I didn't seem to be. Hugs to you!


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