Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Learning to Live Well

Many voices have spoken over the ten years since God did open heart surgery upon me.  A common theme has centered around home and family.  Another, interlocking with home and family is living this one life well.

About 8 years ago Edith Schaeffer's voice spoke through her books "What is a Family" and "L'Abri", but hearing of the deep philosophy thinking of her husband, Francis, I shied away from his writing.  Awhile back an article, The Unwasted Life, came across my view.

In this article, which I printed to read and ponder upon, Mr. Schaeffer's words are few and within the grasp of a mind that is too often full of flittering thoughts.  Here are the ingredients, according to The Unwasted Life, for a life well lived.

  • Correct theological position, true Biblical orthodoxy and the purity of the visible church
  • Good intellectual training and comprehension of our own generation.
  • A humble heart, the love of God, a devotional attitude toward God, a daily practice of the reality of God.
The simplicity of these words make them easy to ponder, allowing them to work upon a heart. 

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