Thursday, June 13, 2013

Black Forest Fire

Black Forest is a close neighbor community to our city, Colorado Springs.  A fire started on Tuesday June 11 in the densely wooded area where many dear friends have made wonderful beautiful homes. 

Wednesday while my daughters were at music lessons, I took a drive to see the fire from a safe distance, and to pray.

What we could see from our neighborhood

The Northern Plume

We found out today that the first home Builder and I had together is destroyed.  I am thankful for the abundance of memories we, our older kids and our extended family have of good times there.

Please think of those displaced by this fire, at this time about 41,000 people, those who already know they've lost their home  (at least 360 homes have been destroyed, including the homes of several in our homeschool community).  Pray for those caring for the animals that have been displaced, this is also an area full of horse owners and ranches.  Pray for Rain, for the wind to stop and for the safety of the Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement.  Pray for the family and friends of the two who died trying to evacuate.

We will continue to see the goodness in the land of the living.


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    1. Thank you so. It hurts my heart tremendously to see the loss so many are enduring, but I have also been very encouraged by the raw faith as several have publicly acknowledged the hope and strength they are finding in God's love.


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