Saturday, May 11, 2013

To Lesbia's Mother

Dear Lesbia's Mom,

It has been my hope for two years to be able to get on a plane and travel to Guatemala, to meet you, to tell you that you are not in this parenting thing alone.  I wanted to tell you that even though I am roughly 2500 miles away and we've never met, that I pray that God will hold you up.

And then the call came, your precious daughter, my sponsored child, left the Compassion program despite the encouragement of the staff.  I had noticed over the last few letters how Lesbia's tone had changed from young and cheerful to sad and bordering on hopeless. 

Oh how I hope that you have not given up.

What is it like, trying to raise a daughter, alone without the support of a husband, in poverty, without enough?

I can only imagine the hopelessness that might try to settle in.  The loneliness that produces fear.  The simple reality of hunger and sickness that stamps out dreams.

Please don't give up.

I will keep praying because I know One who spans distance, fills gaps and loves you.  He loves you and your children with a forever love.  I will pray that the seeds of truth which have been sown in your daughter will germinate and bring life to both of you. 

And while I probably won't be able to get on that plane to Guatemala I'll quietly remember you and pray that God will uphold you, supply you with enough.

Please don't give up.


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