Friday, May 10, 2013

This Moment

This Moment, This Man~

This photo captures a moment yes, but also a relationship, a hope, a celebration and a goodbye.  But also more.
This man, with whom I have shared life for many years, celebrated a birthday with us the Saturday and the Sunday before his actual day, because he was heading NORTH.
This man who asked me to be his nearly 20 years ago, and despite all the narrow misses, hard times, good times, full to over flowing times where we were stretched way too thin,
has held tight to me, never letting me spiral off.
We've walked together through the valley of the shadow of death.
Together we've welcomed life through adoption and birth.
We've shared amazement at the gifts God has given us. 
That HE would bestow such reward upon us.
I've heard that wine gets better with age
And women more beautiful as well.
But this I know very well,
This I have seen,
A man who fears the Lord grows deeper
 and more handsome
The eyes deeper
 as the years pass.
Love and trust grow stronger.
The joy of being his grows sweeter and sweeter.

I love you Beloved.
Happy Birthday. 


  1. What a sweet moment and what an awesome birthday tribute. Thanks for sharing that.

    Here's my moment:

  2. Happy birthday to your beloved (belated!)

    I am a whole week late. But better late than never, eh? ... I have learned not to say "say cheese!" because this is what my little will do every.single.time. *giggle*


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