Thursday, May 9, 2013

Supporting Life

In January 1988, as a very young unwed adult, I was very surprised to discover I was pregnant

During a visit to a clinic for BC pills, a routine pregnancy test was run.   In the same breath the clinic work told me that the test was positive, she asked me when I would like to be scheduled to "take care of it".

The news of the new life within me took me completely by surprise, and I couldn't think to respond to the clinic worker.   Stunned but unwilling to schedule "the procedure" until I talked with my boyfriend.  I walked out of the clinic that day.  By God's grace I didn't return, even though the relationship ended and I didn't have a clue what I was going to do.

 Eight months later a beautiful baby girl was born and I became a very young mother.  Now that baby girl is grown, and is the mother of my precious granddaughter.  Life has brought forth life.

As I look back on that January day I wonder how many young women like me are quickly presented with a solution to the "surprise" of an unplanned pregnancy, and how many are ushered into ending the life of the little surprise.

The work of LifeNetwork pushes back the darkness, protects the unborn and ministers to the young women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. Each woman who walks into a LifeNetwork office is presented with life and hope. That is worth supporting. 

Saturday June 1 my daughters and I will be participating in the Walk/Run for Life in our city.  One of my daughters will be running in the 5K, the rest of us will walk and push JoyNess in the NanaMobile.  Will you sponsor us as we walk/run to raise money to keep the doors of LifeNetwork open in our community?

As a child advocate, most of what I write about is child sponsorship and ministry to children & families.  Occasionally I write about the healing I have been given from years of intense abuse as a child, and the hope I long to offer others seeking healing from that atrocity. 

But there are other ways in which I desire to offer hope and help.  Most stem from my own experiences, but I do believe that the hope and deliverance we have been given provides us direction on how to live and offer ourselves to God's service

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