Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meaningful Work

Just about when I recently finished a lengthy reading "assignment" (a couple of books I agreed to read and found that I had to really push to finish) a book that was requested from our library arrived.

Cleaning House: A Mom's Twelve Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement by Kay Will Wyma arrived from the library at exactly the right time!  We've had a out of the ordinary spring this year, with snow and freezing temperatures pretty late, so our garden is several weeks "behind."  Builder is away and I don't enough hours in my days to get it all done, inside the house and out.

First off I need to tell you something.  Throughout the book the author discussed several areas where youth entitlement had unintentionally taken residency in her home.  As I read these, I was very blessed to think about my own children and realize, those particular areas are not ones where we struggle. It brings a great deal of joy to me when I think about how ready to give and serve our daughters are.

 (before it sounds as if I don't think we have any struggles, it wasn't long before different areas of "entitlement" came into view)

In any case, there were some great ideas that came from Cleaning House.  The first was the idea of meaningful work.

 Over the last year each of our youngest three daughters have sponsored a child through Compassion International.

These sponsorships came about through different circumstances and while our daughters are not old enough to "work" they found ways to try and cover the sponsorship.  We have been happy to make up the difference.

Janeth, Tanzania
This arrangement is fine, but we realized that they are very capable of working and caring for our yard this summer as a way of earning funds for the sponsorships.  And a meaningful work plan took shape.

Sreeshma, India
So, a master plan has been approved by all parties and the jobs have begun.  The girls are responsible for all of the gardens, mowing, sweeping, animal care and clean up.  They scheduled the days they work and have plenty of time for finishing school and other "summer" stuff.  We will pay them an hourly amount once per month that they will be able to use to purchase a cashier's check to send for their Compassion sponsorships.

It is my hope that actually working for the funds to support these precious kids will reap a bountiful harvest for each of our daughters.
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