Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sponsorship Opportunities

It is Compassion Sunday today.  And while we are speaking during the evening service and at the sponsorship table at church tonight, I have two precious children to share with you here on By Quiet Waters

Bernaditte has been waiting for 7 months for a sponsor.  She lives in Burkina Faso, a country with High Risk For Child Rights Violations.  If you are interesting in sponsoring Bernaditte for $38 per month and are ready to be an encouragement to her through the writing of letters, please email me at byquietwaters at gmail dot com.  I am thrilled to connect this precious one with a sponsor.

Gloria lives in Tanzania, another country with High Risk for Child Right Violations.  I am hoping to have Gloria sponsored through a group sponsorship right here on By Quiet Waters.

A group sponsorship would be shared by people who want to minister to Gloria as a community.  Funds will be collected via paypal and sent to Compassion International by my daughters.  Each member of the community will be able to send letters and receive copies of letters and other correspondence received.

If you are interested in joining the Group Sponsorship of Gloria, please email me at byquietwaters at gmail dot com. 

Will you join us in ending the wait for these two little ladies?  Join us in lifting them out of poverty and into the knowledge of the One True God, in Jesus' Name.

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