Monday, April 15, 2013

Give Thanks

Give thanks with a grateful heart,
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks and acknowledge He is God
Give thanks, because He has given Jesus Christ His Son.

Give thanks.

counting beyond 1000, the grace continues

Tears showing the depth of compassion dwelling in a heart, an opportunity to serve, lilac leaves appearing, bird song filling the air, the baby fighting sleep then laying her head on my shoulder in surrender, smiles beaming as she glides back into the water, an injury healed with a plan in case the pain roars again, her excitement as we approached the pool, bubbling over in joy to be back again, and her sharing the burden I had placed upon her, granting me forgiveness for laying that bag of bricks upon her wounded shoulders, a man who trusts God enough to put God and family and our church commitment before work ~ trusting God for the outcome, side splitting laughter, fantastic presentations by beautiful children, weather closure day ~ we don’t seem to be getting the snow, but are so very glad to be staying home out of the wind, children searching the Scriptures ~and asking questions, finding a starting point for conversation, no appointment necessary for 2 months!, a Godly precious woman who has put herself in my life, giant smiles from the pool from 2 of my girls as they returned to swim practice this week, the deep sleep that comes after an hour long swim, a box of bread & bagels shared with us by a friend, the opportunity to finish a “fun read” while my children worked independently, purple and blue skirts twirling as ballerinas practice their turns, singing together on the car ride home


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