Monday, April 8, 2013

Give Thanks, Sing Praise

This song just keeps running through my mind as life speeds and circles and stops all at the same continuous time right in front of my feet.

no longer counting, simply naming them, giving thanks for the gifts, praising the Giver

Safe travel, A daughter’s tears over the harsh words someone else spoke to her sister, The finished product saved for momma to see first, A call to tell me that my prescription has been found, mixed in with the tools, Another call later, to remind me to take my prescription ~ knowing me so well he knew I’d missed my routine and would forget, Thank yous at bedtime, Baby giggles are just beginning, Miss Sunshine wanting our Scripture Memory tools, Home safe, Sunshine & school work, together ~ New summer clothes, Lunch with my 3 little ladies, Figuring out the grandbaby’s cries, learning to know what she is asking for, Pink pointe shoes lifting a smiling girl high, New friendships~ like minded girls, Sleep without nightmares, Middle school girls, Sleepy cats, Help cleaning the fridge, Team work at dinner, Resourcefulness, a daughter who looks for the sock basket before asking for new socks.  She found 15 pairs. the return of the flickers.  The birdsong singing good morning over us has returned ~ springtime.

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