Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Mail Call

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April was a quiet month for letters, but we did receive 3 from children, an updated picture of Carlos and a phone call.

We heard from Laura, a first letter from our correspondent child in Bolivia.  This is a sweet short letter that leaves me thinking that she recently received a gift from her financial sponsor, or previous correspondent sponsor.  Yea!

Are you able to read what is noted in the box at the bottom of the letter?
"In Bolivia approximately 400 thousand boys and girls are victims of sexual assaults (UNICEF 2008), thanks to their involvement in the Compassion's Project children learn to identify, prevent and report the abuse."

Tomorrow I have a post scheduled that discusses this issue and how sponsoring a child through Compassion International helps to prevent abuse and exploitation.  Please check back tomorrow to read more on how much more sponsorship provides a child.

We also received a letter from Ndiisa in Uganda.  Ndiisa shared in this letter how he is facing Senior year exams and asked for our prayers.  He has many questions for us and I am hoping that Builder has time this weekend to respond.

We also received a letter from Priti, and in it she told all about the Christmas celebration she attended with the Compassion project.  She said that during the program, she understood for the first time that Jesus is the Savior of the World.   I'll be getting a letter out to her very quickly! 

This month we also received an updated photo of Carlos, but I have not scanned it in yet.  He has grown and is such a handsome boy!

  And sadly, I received a phone call this week that precious Lesbia has left the program.  Please pray for us as we all grieve this news.  It appears that she may have left the program to go to work.  Lesbia is 12 years old, and lives in Guatemala with her mother and grandmother.  Her letters useds to be cheerful and curious, but lately they had a sad tone to them.  We had written several times. to encourage her, and hope that there is something in those letters that will minister to her as time goes.

The same afternoon after that phone call we received the packet for our new sponsor child, Samatha in India.  So many emotions this week.

 As Builder and I say often, Full, Hard, and Good.  We will continue to pray for Lesbia and look forward to getting to know Samatha.

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