Friday, March 1, 2013

Becuase He Loves Me, Week 5

Because He Loves Me Book Study</

Joining in this week because, life has given me this little space of time.  Here are the pondering points from GraceLaced.

1) What is the most comforting aspect of your inheritance? What are you resting in today?
2) How do you respond to your own sin? Are you tempted to believe that God is punishing you? What is the difference between punishment and redemptive discipline?
3) What struck you the most about this chapter?
This was a great chapter for me, because while I don't really "get it" all, I've enjoyed seeing some of what my loving Father has done in me.  The most comforting part of my inheritance, at this point, is the hope I have.  The hope that I am not what I was, and I am not what I will be.  And, as the Spirit continues to work in me, and as I continue to follow or "work" this relationship with God will deepen on my side.  This hope is what I am resting in.  The blessed hope that is nourished by the daily evidence of GRACE.
In the past, and sometimes still, my sin is a cause for self loathing.  But here is the word again, GRACE has saved me.  The grace of God has washed me clean, the admonishment of God often wakes me at night to deal with me, and then the love of God sings over me.  That redemptive discipline builds more into that wonderful hope that continues to grow within me.
As I am a serious reader, always looking to learn and grow, this chapter was a sweet refrain.  The reminder to me to work out my faith because the work of grace has redeemed this life of mine.  What sweet rest is available in the hope created by grace.
Are you interested in joining Grace Full Mama and GraceLaced as a community reads Because He Loves Me?  Just pop on over to either of their blogs to read more.

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