Monday, March 4, 2013


This month a major remodel is taking place in our 60 year old home.  Two of three bathrooms have been completely demo'ed, down to the studs.  Drywall dust and wood shavings over everything.  Seven people, one bathroom.  One bathroom, in the basement.  One bathroom with holes in the ceiling, waiting for new pipes.  And 10 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old, 20 and 40 something year old ladies in the house!

But you know something?  It's been challenging at times, it's been very hard work, especially carrying 60 year old rusty gross cast iron pipe pieces up the stairs and out the door.  But every time we walk through another one of these "hard" inconveniences I am struck by how very blessed we still are.  It is truly easy to find the gifts raining down upon us.


Youthful exuberance, Cat snuggles, Warm tea, Encouraging words, Tough nights, Auntie’s doing storytime with the littlest one, Snow sparkling in the warm sunshine, Teamwork, The late to bed Moon, Quiet drive together, Giggling ballerinas, Birthday celebration, Pink and purple balloons, Sister messages of love, Surprise time with a dear friend, A pair of 13 year old gigglers,  Couldn’t be more different, yet sweet friends, A triplet of younger actresses, each with a touch of director in her, Romans 1:22, Juicy oranges


  1. We are remodeling our bathrooms this month, also! We just finished the 1/2 bath and yesterday demo'd the master bath. The process is somewhat of a pain, but the end result will be beautiful (I hope!)

    Are you going to post before and after pics?

    1. Oh Jill, I haven't taken any photos. Eleven years living with 50+ year old bathrooms and pipes has left me with enough pictures in my mind that I don't want any others ;)

      But there will be a few "after" shot.


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