Thursday, March 7, 2013


A crazy morning of "Mom/Wife...I need...will you...ARGH" And then a not so quick trip to the phone store to take care of transferring Beloved's work number to our personal account.  That didn't work out quite how we hoped, but we walked out of the store believing that in an hour, at store number 2, we'd get it all resolved.

That didn't happen.  So we get to try again tomorrow.  Turns out that even if a store has a Verizon sign, it isn't necessarily a VERIZON store.  To save you some time, make sure that the store with the Verizon sign really is.

Next I took Sweet Mae to piano lessons.  Listening to the music that flows from that girl's fingers often calms my frazzled nerves, other times it just sets me to singing.  Her teacher

Afterwards Mae and I ran a few errands, found her 2 new pairs of pants & a couple of other items that she was needing.  I'm so thankful for the budget habit we put into place about a year ago.  Each month money gets put into designated folder in my budget wallet.  And on this day, there was no stress to let my girl get the floral jeans along with one pair of plain denim.  A small splurge with no guilt or worries.

We finally arrived home and this afternoon I've enjoyed the chatter of 2 lovely ladies embracing the warm sunshine and playing outside.  Baby JoyNess has added her own music, and Grandpa Ben rescued her from the swing.  I love listening to his tender words to this little babe.  Warm smiles all around were beaming as Grandpa and JoyNess headed outside to visit the chickens and see the blue sky.

Miss Sunshine (mother of JoyNess) is helping Petal Rose to create a Jolly Roger flag for her ship.  Chica is asking to start an astronomy course and looking very cute her in twin braids, pink heart earrings and cranberry colored dress.
All the stuff of life has been going on since I woke this morning, and a glorious life it is.  Giving thanks to God, for He is good.

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