Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You are a Leader

What are you doing to pour into your life and build yourself up to lead in those areas you’re called to lead in? If you can’t think of anything, today’s the day to set a few small goals and start working on them! Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom

Earlier today while in the post office, I stood uncomfortably.  With only 2 clerks and at least a dozen people in line, a Hispanic couple stood at the counter, trying to submit an application for a U.S. application.

This couple did not appear to know any English, not enough to respond to the official oath, testifying that they are citizens, and everything on the application is true.  In frustration the clerk looked up and asked if there was anyone in the office who could interpret Spanish.

I stood there wrestling with myself.  Spanish was my major in college, but I haven't used it in over 13 years.  I could ask about place of birth and if the things on the application were true, but I held back, disappointed in the fact that my skills were so weak.

Several things like this have happened recently, and reading the above quote has me thinking more seriously about becoming better equipped to live this purposeful life.

*Builder and I have been talking about my returning to college this summer.  I've taken a math placement test and determined where I need to start brushing up on skills to be able to take college Algebra.

*The Peacemaker and other books continue to be with me where ever I go, available to be read when I have the moments.

* Where does one find mentors?  How does one go about seeking mentors?  Those are questions to be pursued.

How about you?  Does the above quote challenge you to set some small goals toward becoming better prepared to lead, to serve, to expand your influence?

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