Saturday, February 9, 2013

Productive Pursuits ~ A Saturday at Home

Since I turned down several invitations to leave the house today (errands others wanted to do) I've enjoyed this DAY AT HOME.  Games of Dutch Blitz and Battleship have taken place and the hope of starting a new read aloud after dinner has me working to get some things wrapped up...

Home Sewn Nursing Pads ~ Sunshine Princess had her first baby on January 19th.  Nursing is going super well and today we set out to make some cloth nursing pads.   She picked up some cloth diapers at Target and I figure we can make 12 from 3 of the diapers.  This will allow us to set aside the rest for when JoyNess outgrows the ones our sweet neighbor friend lent us.

Another cousin quilt is almost completed, I have to sew the binding on one last side, then hand sew it down on the back side.  This is my favorite of the quilts I have made so far.

Can you believe how cute this is?

Fine Art drawings by cousins on cotton blocks

Good days.

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