Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gifts Spoken, Gifts Tucked Quietly Away

While it's been different around here, mostly reviews and simple photographs, life has been happening large and messy and hard and beautiful.  Often, so much truth is flooding my mind, my heart, but sitting here to type it out, to share what grace the Father is showering upon me, still...it doesn't get done.  But today, I'm stepping back into the recording of gracefilled gifts, and maybe that will unlock the word dam of all the goodness filling my head.

 gifts 1-14 in 2013

Grey sweaters and red sparkling scarves
Snow that keeps falling.  All around this dry thirsty area.
A grandchild who is thriving, growing rapidly, taking in all the fresh Momma Milk, grand love and auntie stories
Family to help ~ both ways
Eager students, gulping down new information
Goals within reach
FaceTime calls from a sweet daughter who just wants to know when I’ll be home.
A precious prodigal hungry for family time, soaking up, filling up after the empty years away.
A calling
Builder is home.
Sunlight to read under.
Baby breath on my cheeks.
Sweet time at the changing table when Joyness sees the origami mobile made by her youngest auntie.
Godly women, acknowledging their own brokenness, warmly welcoming the new single momma into the fold.


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