Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mail Call!

Mae skipped cheerily into the house one day this past week singing, "Two letters Marme."  In our home, getting sent to check the mail box is like a special treat, as each of us really look forward to those cream colored envelopes from Compassion International.  Seeing  "A Message from your Sponsored Child" is exciting to every member of the family.

Here are the 2 letters that arrived that day.

From Neema, Tanzania

and from Lucia.


In case you noticed the similarities between the two letters, Neema and Lucia live in Tanzania and actually attend the same Child Development Center.   As they grow their different personalities are sure to be more noticeable.

We are also part of an online community that sponsors a young man through Compassion.  Earlier in the month we received a couple of emails with a scanned letter from Obwini, as well as a link to a song he mentioned in his letter.  I hope you enjoy!

Obwini's Favorite Song

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