Sunday, January 13, 2013

Goal Setting 2013

It is nearly the middle of January and this blog has been quiet during the online community conversations about the New Year and goals.  We did mark the turning of the year, but even that we didn't do on the actual day.  Life happened without regard to the days marked on the calendar, and so I find myself with a head cold on this chilly Sunday in mid January, posting my 2013 goals.

This new year has a different feel than ever before.  While I have pondered simplicity and decluttering of my life many times over past years, the landscape ahead of us now insists on the letting go of many things while we embrace what lies ahead.

Just before Christmas we said earthly good bye to Builder's and my paternal grandmothers.  As the New Year dawned, we saw the diagnosis of early dementia in my mother, and began assisting my step father in her care.  In just a few weeks our first granddaughter is due to be born, and will be living with her momma (our 2nd oldest daughter) in our home.

Life ending, life beginning and so much in between.

Here are my 2013 goals, in simple style.

Read through the Bible, again, this time in 1 year
Memorize Psalm 91 and Colossians or the Sermon on the Mount
Read 24 books
Listen to 12 audio books
Learn to follow my husband
Learn about 5 new birds, and their calls
Learn about 5 trees in my local area, and observe them through the 4 seasons of this year
Become a peacemaker
Replace current products with items better suiting my changing skin care needs
Continue my fitness habits of strength training and cardio activity

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