Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Welcoming the New Year

Christmas Day has barely past, but an upcoming trip has me pulling together our somewhat annual New Year's Party rhymes & bags.
While I haven't been able to pull the party off every year, Builder has fond memories of them and has asked me to get one together to share with cousins on our upcoming trip "back home".  So here are the details I've come up with so far, incase you are looking for a little inspiration.
You can look here to see how a previous party worked.
Brown paper bags, or gifts bags, clearly labeled with a number and a rhyme, inside you will find:
#1 "It's time to start the party!
Count down to the new year!
We'll open one bag at a time, until 2013 is here!"
New Years Banners ~goodbye to 2012, welcome 2013, Party hats & garland, paper & markers, glow in the dark stickers
 #2 Oh it’s turning chilly!
How about a little minty nilly?
That will just hit the spot!
As we sit around the table, we can do a little “remembering”
PepperMint Milk Shakes ~ Ice Cream, Vanilla Coconut Ice, Candy Canes, Chocolate Chips ~ Journals to start gratitude books, pens
 #3 Canadian bacon, olives,
sauce and cheese.
Let's make a pizza that
Will surely please!
Sauce, Box Dough, Veggies ~ Cheese & Meat in the fridge
 #4 Let’s have some more fun
Just ask and you’ll see….
Go open the gift that is wrapped
All prettily.
Gift Wrapped Twister & Catch Phrase
Bag #5 ~ It’s time to get loud, it's time to get bright, or we might not stay up for this long, happy night.
Fireworks & Glo Sticks, Glo Stick Tag

Has this been fun?
Has this been cool?
Time for a movie…
Will this one do?
A movie and popcorn

It’s the 11 o’ clock hour just a little more time until 2013.
It’s a whole new year full of laughter and fun! With mysteries
To solve and challenges each day. We can’t wait for 2013 it’s
Fast on it’s way! We had wonderful times in 2012
We’ll say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new with
A toast to the new year and some silly fun!

Activity: get out the noise makers and special glasses.  Have a toast. ~ bubbly fruit drinks

So tell us, how do you ring in the New Year?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Snapshot Summary ~ Week of Nov 25- Dec 1


The sweetie's new morning routine had her going out to care for chickens with wet hair.
A hairstyle another sweetie wants to try

Our defenders of justice, playing around

After the show.
The multi purpose white board, currently holding spelling tools, last week's memory verse that several of us were struggling with and the "questions" for adverbs and adjectives

The PERFECT fabric, I've been looking for something like this for months

The end of coop and Nutcracker has given us some wonderful hours for creative pursuits

Each of us has at least one, or two or more projects going

Finally someone has picked up "Drawing with Children", and she is creating some wonderful masterpieces

The Cinderella pumpkin I picked up at the grocery store this week.  Hopefully the seeds will produce next summer.

I've spent a lot of time right here lately.  It's been refreshing!