Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cheerful Greetings from Tanzania ~ Mail Call!

We recieved two letters from Tanzania on "CHEERFUL GREETINGS" stationary.  Wonderful snapshots of smiling children are on the letterhead, so very fun!

The first letter is from Lucia,

Dear Benjamin and Michelle, Praise the Lord.  I , Lucia, greet you.  I am doing well at school, and at the center.  I have learned about body health.

My family is doing well and there is no problem in my community.  There is peace and love.

from your child, Lucia

and from Neema

Dear Benjamin and Michelle Skidemoo.  I, Neema, greet you.  I am doing well at school and at the center.  At the center I learn the word of God.  My lessons are good and I am expecting to pass well.  My friend is doing well.  My family is fine and my community is full of love and peace. 

 From your child, Neema Chacha

This was a fun day!  We also received that day the packet for our newest correspondence child, Leonard in Uganda.

We want to encourage you to keep on writing to your sponsored kids.  Two years after sponsoring Lesbia, we are starting to "get to know her" as she opens up more and more in her letters.  These two letters most recent letters seem to have been written in response to ones that we wrote a few months ago and I am looking forward to getting better acquainted with Neema and Lucia.

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  1. Love the stationery!! Short and sweet :)

  2. Isn't that stationary great? Indeed Cheerful Greetings!

  3. Your stationary is the exact same that I received today from our Correspondence Child, Jonas, in Tanzania!


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