Monday, November 12, 2012

Answer Prayers Among the Gifts

A wonderful realization came upon me last week.  Answers to prayers from early fall are showing up among the gifts I've found on this gratitude pursuit.  During the early fall calendar filling, activity choosing attending an international Bible study with my daughters was high on the hopeful list.  It wasn't long before it became obvious that it just didn't fit into the weeks ahead.  Disappointment was not great, crushing, but there none the less.  In this current season of parenting and long distance work separation I've longed for some fellowship soaked in discipleship.  Something solid to add to my toolbox to take me deeper with my Lord and farther along with road to wisdom as these daughters of mine grow taller, older.

Pressing on I chose to trust my Lord will provide.  He does you know, always provides.  And in the quiet early morning He's been wooing me, rise a bit earlier and spend the time.  It's been hard.  It is work.  But it is the prayer answered.

gifts 1265 to 1285, with two answers tucked within

quiet moment, suddenly alone
a book on prayers
and another on the disciplines of the Christian life
snow like powdered sugar on the mountain
time with sweet Chica
fellowship with friends before a concert of praise
guitar strums
giggling girls
beautiful voices lifting praise and encouragement
new friends
young men, courageous
snow flurries
coconut oil for chapped hands
clean bedrooms
ring necked doves
rippling waters
duck quacks
 welcoming words
crunching leaves

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