Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Great Letter!

Another cream coloured envelope was in today's mail...this time from Ronald. 

This letter, like the one we recieved from Lesbia a little while back, is on a "MY DREAMS, MIS SUENOS" paper.

Dear Sponsors Benjamin and Michelle,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I hope that you are well.  I, Ronald Gilberto, let you know that I would like ot go to a lake because I like lakes very much.  I have seen them only by pictures.  I would love to meet you because you pray for me.  I would give many hugs to you.

I would like to be like David Villa someday.  He is a well-known soccer player of the Spain team.  He plays in Barcelona team.  He is a good player.  I admire him much.

I also would like ot play guitar someday.  I like melodies played by guitar in church, when we have special services. 

In June I went on an excursion from the Student Center to a place called Guastatoya.  I had much fun.  I sled on a big toboggan.  It was much fun.

One of my biggest dreams is to be a professional and international chef.  I would like to prepare different kinds of food and that people enjoyed my food.  Please pray for me that I pass my grade.  I love you very much.  Kisses and hugs to you.  God bless you always. 

With love, Ronald Gilberto Quej Xol.

Under the translation there is a great drawing of a El Gran Chef!  Darling!

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  1. What a great letter!! Where is Ronald from? It sounds like the same letter format that we recently received from our sponsored kid Oscar from Guatemala! That's so cool that he likes David Villa and Barcelona....Barcelona is my favorite European club soccer team.

    1. Hannah, He is from Guatemala too! We recieved a My Suenos letter from one of our other Guatemalan sweeties in late summer.

  2. I love that he wants to be a chef! What a great goal.

    1. We think so too. My hubby is an excellent cook and wants to travel to take him a guitar and do some cooking.

  3. Beautiful letter. Love how he talks about his dreams.

  4. Wow, one boy with so many dreams. How fabulous is that? And I love the chef drawing. That deserves to be proudly posted on a wall somewhere.


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