Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday's This and That

A little of this and of that, a peak into daily life here at home.

Aound the house ~  Books everywhere...the signs of the busy late yesterday

Outside the window ~ sunny and windy, the snow on the mountain is just about all gone

Looking forward ~  Builder's arrival home on Saturday, my parents arrival next week to celebrate Thanksgiving with us

Reading ~ "The Hour that Changes the World", "graceful" and "Harry Potter book 1"

Memorizing ~ Psalm 91, II Peter 1

Praying for ~ the children in our community, the Compassion Bloggers who are in Peru this week.

Creative activities ~ A sweet recieving blanket is finished, a quilt is ready for binding and another is in the works.  I picked up my crocheting again yesterday...had a little time of just waiting in a room too noisy to read in.

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