Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mail Call! Letter from Guatemala

Another "first" letter, this time from Guatemala!
This afternoon as we pulled in from co-op classes, I pulled up to the mailbox and quickly saw the cream colored envelope.  Without thinking too much "this one's for Daddy" came out of my mouth.  Now all the mail from Compassion comes to us as Mr and Mrs, but for some reason I didn't see that today.  Builder is home for a week, and I just knew it had to be for "him."

This is a very cheerful encouraging letter and I'm excited to read what Builder writes back.

Dear sponsors,

I hope that you are well at home and at work.  I ask that you send me a photo of your family so I can see you.  I let you know that I attend church and the services, also Sunday School.  I tell my classmates about  God's word.  I like Christian songs and I like to read Bible verses.  My favorite story is about Adam and Eve.  It talks about when they ate the apple and sin in humanity started because they disobeyed God.  My favoirte song is:  Give Him Applause.  I want to know: do you teach at your church?  I would like to know more about you.  I ask that you pray for my mother, for my father and my siblings so God always take care of them.  I say goodby with love, take a lot of care, until the next one. 


Carlos David.

Carlos drew a wonderful picture of the Iglesia Naza Reno, with 3 smiling people in the foreground.  And did you read it?  Carlos tells his classmates about God's Word!  A little evangelist we have the priveledge of writing to and encouraging. 

And just so it makes more sense...Builder writes to the young men that we sponsor and correspond with, encouraging them.  I have the priveledge to write to the young ladies.  That's just how we do it in our home :)

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