Monday, October 29, 2012

Even if...1000 more reasons to say thank you

Even if the healing never comes is how the song goes.  And I wonder if my faith will hold.  But I keep counting and even more than the daily graces found sprinkled all over this life of mine, it's the amazing graces of disaster avoided, wounds healed, love continuing despite the struggle that is shoring up my faith.  What am i that God is so mindful of me?

Daily sprinkles of sweet grace #1247-1270

Bold red maple leaf
Cookies for a friend
  Mourning dove pairs in the pinion
  Quiet evening alone
  Cozy home
  Children singing
A date made for 3 weeks from now
Beloved home before the plumbing went out
Plumbing splinted and patched to hold until Builder has time off to really fix it
Hugs from my daughters
Coupon bargains
Stocking stuffers!
Shoebox slowly filling
No early labour
creative minds
productive hands
kind words

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