Tuesday, October 23, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life ~ Building a Life of Integrity


"This disciplinary habit is not just about your own personal habits; this goes much further and deeper.  When you're a woman who can be counted on ... you are building a reputation of integrity."

Crystal Paine, aka Money Saving Mom, has just released a new ebook, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life.   This ebook was built upon the series that Crystal Paine wrote on her blog  a while back, but with plenty of fresh material and encouragement.

12 Days to a More Disciplined Life is divided into 21 daily doses of encouragement, inspiration and pracitical application.  The encouragement to plan and follow through on a mega project is broken down and included in each day's reading.  There are printables at the end of the ebook; Mega Project Master To-Do List, Motivational Book List, and the Good Habits/Bad Habits List.

My days, like yours, are full and even finding the space to take a quick read through an ebook might be challenging.  I found that space during one of my daughter's recent visits to the orthodontist.

The encouragement I recieved from reading the ebook refreshed me tremendously during that time in the waiting room.  Of course a Mega Project list was promptly made, even though I know that with having my hubby home this week, the project will most likely not be started until next week.  Even so, know what?  Making that plan was moving in the right direction - even though beginning isn't today...it's planned, it's on the schedule.

As Crystal says "moving in the right direction - even at a microscopic rate - is always faster than standing still."  My mega project is one that has been completely ignored, believing a remodel of that area was soon.  It isn't, and now the area will be addressed and dealt with as it is.

But this isn't really what I am taking away from the message in this ebook.  The idea that a more discipline life makes me a better steward of my life.  My life, the one I have been given to live.  To begin to live pursuing discipline, planning what to do, doing it and becoming a woman of integrity.  A woman who is blessed to be living this live, and blessing my husband and children as they reap the harvest of my own discipline.

This ebook is available for just .99 until Friday, October 26.  Buy this ebook, read it and be encouraged.
Just Do It. 

This ebook review include affliate links from which I may recieve a percentage of the purchase price, if bought through these links.  If you do, thank you for contributing to our family mission trip!

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