Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1st Letter from Priti!


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These letters are so exciting to recieve.  The afternoon that I opened this one, a line of sweet ladies were circled around me, waiting for their turn to read.

This letter though, was difficult to read and process.  Here we are dealing with some significant home repairs needed (main sewer line repairs), but we have resources to meet that need.  We have a Builder Man who has good work, who has a bounty of creative knowledge and skill to tackle this repair.  And honestly, we have more than enough.

Anyway, for the letter.
"The meaning of Priti is Love.  She loves to take care of her younger brother and sister.  Priti's mother does not know how to read and write.  She goes to forest to collect wood to cook the food.  Now is rainy season in Miraj.  Their house is made of mud, cow dung and bamboos with tiles on the house.  The tiles leak so there is water in the house in rainy season.  Kumar is the father of the house, landless marginal labour.  He finds it difficult to send chidren to school and buy school uniforms and school supply.  Priti says I Love You and write to me a letter."

Can you imagine what happens to a mud, cowdung, bamboo house in the rainy season? 

It is a delight to have a letter from Priti.  It truly is. 

My heart is grieved to know the circumstances of her life.  Truly.

But this is why we do what we do with some of our more than enough.

Will you, please, consider sponsoring one of the least of these? 
Visit Compassion and sponsor a child like Yeshaswini .

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  1. What a letter! I think of how many homes provide literally no protection or shelter in the rain. It is hard to fathom.

  2. Yeshaswini was on my prayer list for awhile but she's gone now.... hope she got a sponsor! That letter is pretty heartbreaking

  3. Oh my! What a heart-wrenching first letter! We will be praying for Priti and her family! Thank you for being so willing to bless this precious child and her family!


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