Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughts from Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst

There is a longing, a craving in each of us.  For many of us it looks like chocolate or high calorie, sugary carb loaded tastiness.  But in her book "Made to Crave" Lysa TerKeurst suggests that our cravings really point to a deeper longing for intimacy, with the One who made us.

It does seems to me that the cravings for chocolate, sugary bubbles (soda), and any number of other things, are distractions for the deepest longings each of us experience.  And if one choose to deny the cravings, that place of longing may lead to a slight desparation, Lysa suggests.  In this place of desperation we are empty enough to glimpse the holiness that we are made for.

In other words, filled up with other things we are distracted from our deepest longing, and a spiritual battle is fought is keep us cloaked in that fog.  If one steps back from the pursuit of temporary filling, the emptiness reveals the possibility of a nobler craving for holiness and intimacy with our Creator.

When we find ourselves in this place of emptiness, we have a choice.  Will we choose to excerise and become disiciplined?  Or will our doubts and past failures sabatoge us again?

Lysa says, "The gap between our frail discipline and God's available strength is bridged with nothing but a simple choice on our part to pursue holiness."

I can choose holiness, to be set apart for God's purpose.  At each craving for what gives only momentary satisfaction, a nobler choice can be made tapping into the strenth of God, who is wooing me into a place of greater intimacy with Him.


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