Monday, September 17, 2012

the grace of provision

We have been given so much.  And then there is more given.  Fruit for the picking, boxes of fruit for eating, freezing, jelly making & apple buttering.  Jars of purple sweetness and peachey goodness for the sharing and spreading.  All this at the end of a summer of highest heat, fire and smoke, dry dry winter that came before.

counting, always counting, to #1209

Snuggling on the sofa
Lids popping in the next room

Hurrahs when the pop sounds
Beloved playing geography games with his daughters
Extra set of hands in the home
Generous neighbors
Free apples in the fridge
Bowl full of neighborhood peaches
The anticipation of a family drive tomorrow

The beauty of nature’s gold

The job God has provided, which provides for so much

Glimpses of the forest dwellers
a funny sister

this opportunity, to join the community singing the song of amazing, rich, millions of grace ~ Ann and Laura

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  1. Oh yes... that wonderful pop! :) Yay for free apples! What a great photo of a bear. I would be scared to be that close! lol


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