Saturday, September 8, 2012

Goals TuneUp

Summer came along and many things took a back seat.  Looking over my goals and updating each month was something that happened most casually.  It is very encouraging to me as I set my September goals to see that "habits" kept things from coming a complete stop!

In September I plan to:

God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew
False Intimacy and The Red Badge of Courage
 Swallows and Amazons, our family read aloud

Personal Goals:
Increase full pushups to 15, decrease girly pushups to 10 (for 25 pushups daily)
Ab routine,  continue100 crunches
Swim 500 3 days weekly
Complete my evening "must dos" each night before bed
     wash face, lavendar steam
     read to kids
     pray and bless each child
     read a few pages before sleep

grape jelly
jalapeno jelly, we have grown an abundance and our youngest likes most things we're going to try it.

Reorganize kitchen cupboards.  Our gluten & dairy intolerant daughter has moved back home.  She needs room for her "food."

Business & Ministry
Bottle our first batch of Home Brewed Vanilla extract
3 Blog Posts week, if fits
Write to each of our Compassion sponsor kiddos


  1. Came over from Heavenly Homemakers and kept reading a little more. :-) Loved reading your goals! I really liked God Smuggler's, so inspirational!

    What do you do for your lavender steam, what does it help?

    Is your salsa from fresh tomatoes? I make mine that way, but I'm not in love with it.

  2. Deanna, The lavendar steam is a relaxing, purifying step in my evening routine. And yes the salsa was from our garden fresh tomatoes and peppers.

    Thank you for stopping by~


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