Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goal Update

Posting this goals on my blog is helping me to keeping me keep track myself.  Life gets so busy during the weeks that I loose sight of what is being accomplished. 

Last week's goals
False Intimacy, Made to Crave and Relentless Pursuit
Swallows and Amazons (family read aloud)
I've made progress in each of these books.  Hopefully they will be completed by the end of the month.
Personal Goals:
Increase full pushups to 15, decrease girly pushups to 10 (for 25 pushups daily), in process
Ab routine, continue100 crunches, in process
Swim 500 3 days weekly ~ YES
wash face, lavendar steam
read to kids
pray and bless each child
read a few pages before sleep

Process the boxes of apples & make applesauce, apple pie filling and apple butter

Business & Ministry
Bottle our first batch of Home Brewed Vanilla extract
3 Blog Posts week, if fits
Add new pictures to GBC's Sponsored Children display

This Week
Read ~ Finish "Made to Crave, False Intimacy and Relentless Pursuit
Contine reading Amazons and Swallows aloud

Personal ~ continue the ab routine and pushups
swim 500 twice this week
keep pursuing the bed time routine

shred and freeze the squash harvest
make waffle mix for freezer

Business & Ministry
Bottle Vanilla
Book Reviews as books are finished
Decide on classes to be taught next semester and complete the inital paperwork

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