Sunday, September 9, 2012

Giving Thanks

Three weeks into "back to school" season I realized I really needed to get a handle on the kitchen.  After taking a week to plan, I spent a whole weekend in the kitchen with helpers coming and going.  One freezer we stuffed full of casseroles and gallon bag crock pot meals.  In another freezer we stashed snacks and breakfast foods.

The next week...a hot meal each day.  So my gratitude list has a lot of practical items this week.

through 1203

The heater in the van!
Morning glories on a crisp chilly morning
Freezer full of meals
Dual crock pots working
Kitchen helpers
Hot meals after busy days
Jars of purple goodness cooling on the counter
More to harvest
Bowls of tomato red
Family fellowship
All 5 around the table
Quiet drives
Practice dreaming

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  1. Way to go on filling your freezer! I need to keep on plugging away on that. A little planning goes a long way!

  2. Oh, cooler mornings! We're experiencing those in North Dallas. We've gone from 110 --> 68 in a matter of days. So thankful!
    Have a blessed Tuesday...


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