Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Letter of Gratitude

Father God,

Two years ago you laid 2 precious children on the heart of our family.  Lesbia and Bryan.   Builder and I didn't know at all the work you would do in us, in our 3 daughters when we made the decision to sponsor these children.

As we wrote letters to them, and prayed for them, our family ministry grew.  We began to see how each one of us can be involved in the life of a child far away, how we can be a blessing and an encouragement to the child's family and become a partner with the ministry leaders in their communities.

Father, this changed the way we look at so many things.  It has adjusted our dreams and goals, helping us to see where we are building our own kingdom and strengthing our resolve to seek Your kingdom.

Thank you for bringing this opportunity to us, the opportunity to change the world, one child at a time, the opportunity to see beyond ourselves and build into something eternal.

with gratitude,

are you interested in investing in the life of a child living poverty?  please click here.

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