Sunday, August 19, 2012

The gift of routine

This has been a summer like no other.  But slowly life is resuming a routine again.  I've even been back to work in the kitchen, packing "instant oatmeal", preparing freezer meals for the busiest of days, seriously considering a new read aloud!

Through everything there are glimpses and right out bold sightings of amazing grace.

graces #1159-1177

Safe travels
Cool winds during the night
He listens to my overflow
Quiet at the laundry mat
Movie with my middle oldest
Her head on my shoulder
Sharing the sofa seat at the theater
Other kids enjoying an evening of nerf wars
Veggie songs on the way home
Getting to know new friends
Remembering "Grandma Stories"
Our sponsor child quiver is full…what joy those faces bring us as we pray for them
Beloved calls me from the top of the world.  How blessed I am that he’s having that fun, and thinks to call me
The glow on a girl’s face as she tells me some one else loves her hair
Homemade yogurt
Home packed instant oatmeal
Fresh eggs
Pancakes after a  month of not cooking breakfast
 Fresh new school books

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  1. What a great idea to make things easier by packaging oatmeal and other foods! Enjoyed reading your list. Blessings!


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