Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Gift of Preparing...

Before our "preterm" of school started, I worked to put about 10 casseroles in the freezer, knowing there are many days a week that it would be very easy to drive through Chick Fil A.

And as the freezer has quite a bit more room this week, I decided to take another look at how we can be better prepared for the upcoming month.  September promises to keep me in the car in the hours surrounding dinner time.

List of desired foods made, I broke the preparation down throughout this week...with the big cooking day coming on Saturday.

Petal Rose was home with Chica while Mae and I were at the Imagination Celebration site for Nutcracker Auditions.  I called her and asked her to scrub the bag of potatoes and set them to dry.  By the time we arrived home, she had started chopping them.  Mae took over, diced them all and put them on to boil.  I put away a few items, check my email and plans for Monday school, then pressed some garlic to throw in the boiling pot.

About an hour later we have 2 gallon bags of garlic mashed potatoes in the freezer.

Monday, as we left for Karate, I realized that we could probably get a few bags of breakfast burritoes into the freezer if we worked together again.  Mae scrubbed and diced the potatoes, putting them on to cook.  While I chopped more veggies and got other things ready, the girls took turns reading from our current read aloud, Swallows and Amazons.

Within an hour, we put 20 breakfast burritos into the freezer!

It is amazing how much lighter the load is with 3 helpful daughters switching laundry, washing potatoes or scrubbing a few dishes, and pitching in with the reading aloud!

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