Saturday, August 11, 2012

Take Family Mission Trip to Tanzania

through Compassion International's Child Sponsorship Program!  For several years my dear Beloved Builder earnestly prayed to God, to make us missionaries right where we are.  Since then a fire has been lit in each of us to minister to children and families through the Compassion Sponsorship opportunity.

It is common for us to check out books from the library, search Google Earth, and prepare foods to learn about and connect with our sponsored children's countries.  We write letters, draw pictures and pray.  Our world keeps getting smaller as we get to know the children and their countries.

Today, we have 4 precious children that need sponsors, and we would like you the opportunity to become missionaries to TANZANIA!

Gladnes, born June 13, 2001
Gladness lives with her father and mother in the mountainous community of Makongoro, Tanzania.  She is responsible for carrying water, caring for younger children and washing clothes.
Ping pong, singing and playing house are some of Gladnes's favorite activities.

Maxson Emauel, born August 8, 2001
Maxson lives in the hills of Mburiashi, Tanzania with his mother.  He helps by carrying water, gathering firewood and caring for younger children.
Maxson's favorite activities are soccer, playing with cars and art.

Mgesi Marwa, born March 20, 2003

Mgesi lives on the plains of Nyasho with her father and mother.  She helps her family by carrying water, buying or selling in the market and caring for younger children.

Some of Mgesi's favorite activities are singing, telling stories and playing house.  Mgesi attendes the same student center as Neema, a child our family sponsors!

Silvanus Jonas, born December 19, 2003
Silvanus lives with her father and mother on the plains of Nyasho.  He too attends the same student center as Mgesi (pictured above) and our sponsored child Neema.

Silvanus enjoys soccer, playing ball games and reading.  He helps in the kitchen, by washing clothes and running errands.

By sponsoring one of these children you help the child receive the assistance he or she needs to develop to the full God given potential. 

Please contact me at
byquietwaters at gmail dot com
for more information on any of these children, or to recieve info on how to complete sponsorship.

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