Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Letter!

Today we recieved our first letter from Neema!

Neema, in Tanzania

This is what she has to say:

Dear Benjamin and Michelle

Praise the Lord Jesus.  Neema greets you so much.  She says she is so much thankful for your love of sponsoring her because she will get her basic needs like educations, treatment and religious teaching whenever she is at the center.  Neema says sherfelf and her family always pray God to bless you in your life.   Amen.

The letter is signed by the person who wrote the letter for Neema and by the translator.  There is a sweet drawing of a pot on the backside of the paper.

When I figure out why my printer and computer won't talk to each other for scanning (it prints fine) I'll upload a copy of the letter.

Oh, I am so very excited to recieve this letter!  Builder sponsored Neema as a birthday gift to me in late June.  Just two months later we have a letter from this precious little girl in Tanzania!

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  1. These letters make it a joy to go to the mail box!


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