Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Little of This, A Litte of That

As sweet Mae continues to work hard preparing for the Pre Pointe written test and that long time dream...pointe shoe fitting and first pointe class!!  we have looked around the web at a few sites and videos, learning more about all things en pointe.

Nutcracker audition have passed and we have a twirling, giggling Party Girl again this year.  Her sweet friend Emma is cast as Clara.

Carpooling has started up, WOW what a blessing!

Our enrichment classes have started up, with me teaching 3 hours on Wednesday afternoons.  The semester is off to a rough start, but the staff worked really hard in my classroom last week (location & technical issues) and I have hope that things will smooth out this next week.

Petal Rose tested for, and tied on, her BROWN BELT!!! 

A lot of reading has taken place this month, compared to the very busy June & July.

Marme's reading God's Smuggle and False Intimacy.
Mae's read Call of the Wild and White Fang, and continues to savor The Two Towers as well as all of her "assigned" reading.
Petal Rose is greatly enjoying Little Britches and reading through The World of Captain John.  She is trying to gather the courage to read the next chapter of The Two Towers (Shelob's Lair).
Chica is finished The Horse and His Boy and dove right into Prince Caspian.  She is also reading Jack's Insects and The World of Columbus and Sons.

The garden is producing a steady crop of green & yellow summer squash, the tomatoes are ripening and the sunflowers are dazzling.
and 2 delightful letters from afar arrived!
This is the little of this and little of that going on in this briskly passing late summer days.


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