Sunday, July 29, 2012

Joy Comes in the Morning

Very much to my alarm, I recently noticed that my joy had hidden among worry, fatigue, struggles and the missing of my Beloved Builder.

Then repenting of my worry, seeking better habits to exchange fatigue for the energy for the tasks at hand and prayer over the phone that sweet JOY came out of hiding.

So much has happened this summer, and while the bad things didn't all end well, there is much to give thanks for.

Safe arrival of our newest Chinese daughter
Laughter over dinner
Opportunities to see my daughter’s serving
A butterfly on a hard day
Finding that my joy has returned
Funny quacking ducks
Last night of 12
Giant smile as the blessing flowed
First sunflower in time for the celebrating table
There is one King, he is Jesus
Words of truth
Cool morning air
Butterflies high on the mountain
Fluffy white against the bright blue
Cool wind
Big boulders, quaking aspens
Tour guide humor
Napping family on the way down
Agreement to pray
Knowing wisdom will be given

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